Biography: Sue Clarke graduated from St. Martins School of Art in 1989 with a 1st class BAHons in Illustration, and has been a practicing illustrator and lecturer ever since. Sue has worked nationally and internationally across editorial, design, advertising, and book publishing (including children's pop up books), with a broad range of subjects such as science, health, finance, business, travel, food, literature and religion. Alongside Illustration, she has worked as a textile designer producing collections for printed textiles in Japan and the USA. 

She is currently a senior lecturer at University College Falmouth, and external assessor for the BA Illustration course at Hull College. She has taught on a range of courses (Art Foundation, BA, and MA Illustration), for a number of Universities, including Kingston University (joint course leader, MA), St. Martins School of Art, and Brighton University. 

The direction of her work was influenced by a Thames TV Travel bursary to Egypt and then research in India. Key sources of inspiration are: symbolism, with its potential for layered meaning (from Ancient Egypt to graphics); colour, for its atmospheric and symbolic potential (of particular interest are, Bonnard, Howard Hodgkin and the different symbolic uses of colour around the world); pattern and shape when drawing on location, and in the work of Hundertwasser, Paul Klee and Kurt Schwitters. More general sources of inspiration are: street graphics, outsider art, packaging, Indian charts, and old games/toys. 

Her work has been exhibited in various contemporary Illustration shows in London, including recent shows at The London Transport Museum (selected by the AOI), Central St. Martins and the Conningsby Gallery.  

Sue is represented by Eastwing Illustration Agency,